Coalition for the Advancement and Application
of Psychological Science 

Mission and Guiding Principles

CAAPS’ mission is to work collaboratively to promote science to understand, reduce, and prevent the burden of mental illness, and foster adaptive development and well-being.


We focus on two complementary and intersecting goals:

1)           Use the current state of the science to reduce the burden of mental illness.

a.    promote adoption, and safe, reliable delivery of empirically validated assessment, prevention, & treatment approaches

b.    ensure the public’s access to high quality mental and behavior health care

c.     optimize the sustainable implementation of effective services

d.    encourage bidirectional communication and partnerships between researchers and practitioners

2)           Improve the science and the field to be better positioned to reduce the burden of mental illness in the future.

a.    reconsider and develop new clinical science training models

b.    increase understanding of mental illness through research innovation

c.     promote research participation and create systems of routinized large-scale collection of data that would be shared freely with researchers

Guiding Principles

1.        Give priority to the public’s welfare over all other competing interests (e.g., guild, personal).

2.        As a public trust, prioritize acting ethically with transparency and integrity.

3.        Prioritize a scientific epistemology to advance knowledge and improve human well-being.

Operating Principles

1.             Operate in a way that is inclusive, collaborative, and transparent.

2.             Be nimble and not bureaucratic.

3.             Value and respect equally the generation and application of clinical science.

4.             Ensure member groups share a commitment to science.

5.        Aim for consensus when possible, but unanimity is not necessary for action (ideas can be put forward and those who want to work together on them can do so, but not all groups need to be involved in all activities).

Please note: Although this site is hosted on the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) domain and although SSCP supports and is a part of CAAPS, CAAPS is an entity separate from SSCP. 

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