Current Committees

Committee Charge Chair(s) Other Committee Members
Membership Recruitment and retention of members; dues collection Ashley Hart Emily Durbin, Kristy Benoit Allen, Elizabeth Hayden, Evan Kleiman
Secretary/Treasurer Manage budget, file taxes, etc Stewart Shankman
Communications Includes Listserv, Newsletter, WebMaster, Social Media, and Student Website/Listserv
Listserv (Tom Olino) Newsletter (Sara Bufferd), Website (Evan Kleiman), Social Media (Christina Emeh), Student Listserv and Web (Rosanna Breaux, Andrea Niles)
Division 12 Representative Advocate for SSCP needs/perspectives with Division 12 Board Dave Smith
Awards Solicit applications and select recipients for: 1) Varda Shoham Clinical Scientist Training; 2) Susan Nolen-Hoeksema Early Career Research Award; 3) Lawrence H. Cohen Outstanding Mentor Award; 4) Distinguished Science Award' 5) Student dissertation awards; 6) Outstanding Student Researcher/Teacher/Clinician awards; 7) Student poster awards at APS 1) Matt Lerner, 2) Lauren Alloy, 3) Bethany Teachman, 4) Mitch Prinstein, 5) Lauren Alloy, 6) Rosanna Breaux, Victoria Smith, 7) Tom Olino
Convention Programming Develop programming for APS and APA conventions Tom Olino Tom does APS, Mitch did APA this year
Elections Solicit candidates and conduct elections for SSCP Board Members Bethany Teachman
Diversity The SSCP Diversity committee has been established with the dual goals of increasing the diversity of our membership, and considering how SSCP can promote clinical science approaches to diversity issues in clinical psychology. David Rosmarin
External Nominations Identify and nominate SSCP members (or other who aopt a clinical science perspective) for awards and committees Ben Hankin
Science in Practice Work toward making it easier for people to practice as clinical scientists, and help clinicians both consume and contribute to clinical science. Jackie Persons
International D&I Consider how SSCP can become more involved with dissemination of clinical science internationally (e.g., offering consultation, syllabi, training and virtual supervision in evidence-based approaches in regions where the practitioners typically have little opportunity to gain exposure to these approaches), and to consider opportunities to build more international connections and collaborations. James (Jim) Maddux Stacy Frazier—Florida International University:
Michael Southam-Gerow—Virginia Commonwealth University:
Rinal Beidas—University of Pennsylvania:
Marc Atkins—University of Illinois at Chicago:
Bruce Chorpita—UCLA:
Stephen Saunders—Marquette University:
Shannon Dorsey—University of Washington:
Laura Murray—Johns Hopkins University:
Public Education and Media The SSCP Public Education and Media Relations Committee will help disseminate information regarding SSCP’s core values to the general public. It is expected that a primary component of this committee’s work will be to help facilitate responses (e.g., letters to the editor, commentaries) to media messages pertaining to mental health in which there is a clear opportunity to educate the public regarding the importance of science in clinical psychology practice. The committee will consist of a Chair, a board liaison, and several volunteers (as determined by the Chair). The committee will be responsible for identifying articles in the media that may warrant SSCP comment. The committee will help identify relevant experts, perhaps from the SSCP membership, who are able to draft a response quickly. Other possible tasks for this committee may also include the development of relationships with members of the media who can serve as advocates for the science of clinical psychology, or the proactive generation of media messages for public education. Scott Lilienfeld
Education Resources and Advocacy a. Developing, assembling, and disseminating training resources that promote the scientific basis of clinical psychology. b. Advocating for a scientific approach to clinical psychology as an essential training requirement for licensed clinical psychologists. Michael and Joye Anestis Lauren Alloy, Mitch Prinstein, Jed Siev, Dean McKay, Gerry Davison, Rosanna Breaux, Yevgeny Botanov
Student Services Inclues 1) A Career Mentorship Database (Bethany Teachman) to connect psychological scientists working in a variety of jobs and settings (e.g., clinical practice, research, teaching, administration, consulting, etc.) with early career psychologists; and 2) "How did I get here Video Series" (Sara Bufferd) Psych scientists discuss theur career paths Bethany and Sara
TF: NIMH Strategic Plan Offering feedback to NIMH for including funding for behavioral science research Bethany, Mitch, Rob DeRubeis, Dianne Chambless, and collaboration with APS (Alan Kraut), and ABCT (Dean McKay and Jon Abramowitz)
TF: CE Advocating for more science-based perspectives on revisions to CE approval standards Gerry Davison, Bethany, Mitch, and and collaboration with D12 (David Tolin, Terry Keane), and ABCT (Dean McKay and Jon Abramowitz)

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