Outstanding SSCP Student Teacher Award

SSCP is accepting nominations for the Outstanding SSCP Student Teacher Award. This award is intended to recognize outstanding graduate students who are providing exceptional contributions to the field of clinical psychology through their teaching. SSCP encourages candidates from diverse backgrounds, broadly defined.  Winners will be selected based upon his/her dedication to, creativity in, and excellence in teaching in the area of clinical science (this can include experience as a teaching assistant; see below for examples). Any topic related to clinical science teaching is eligible (e.g., abnormal psychology, child psychopathology, any relevant seminar, etc.). Selected student will be featured in the Outstanding SSCP Student section of the SSCP Newsletter. Members of all underrepresented and minority groups are encouraged to apply.

Applications must be received by December 1st. 

Notification of awards will be made in January.


Only graduate students (including students on internship) will be considered for this round of nominations. Graduate students must be student members of SSCP. The annual student membership fee in SSCP is $15. The membership application form can be downloaded or submitted on-line at: http://sscpweb.org/Membership

Nomination packages: Students may be nominated by their advisor/faculty member, or may self-nominate. Please send nomination packages to SSCP student representatives Jessica Hamilton and Andrea Niles at sscpstudent@gmail.com.  The application should include the following. 

1.     The Outstanding SSCP Student Award Cover Sheet

2.     A letter of recommendation from the nominee’s advisor/faculty member who can speak to the student’s teaching, which should be sent directly by the advisor to the email address above. The letter of recommendation should specifically speak to characteristics that make this individual stand out as an outstanding teacher and/or teaching assistant. 

a.     Examples include:

  • Student has gone “above and beyond” as a teaching assistant (e.g., creating practice exams, holding review sessions, frequently having extra office hours, etc.)
  • Student has developed and taught their own course(s) online, or through continuing & professional education, and/or at a community college
  • Student participates in activities that involve tutoring, academic mentoring, etc. at any academic level
  •  Student has been recognized for their excellence in teaching/being a teaching assistant.

3.     A biography written by the student summarizing the student’s work as a teacher and/or teaching assistant (500 words maximum).

4.     The nominee’s current Curriculum Vitae

Please include the entire application, including cover letter, in one document file.

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