SSCP Committees

Committee Charge


Assure that there is good communication and awareness among SSCP Membership about resources, awards, elections, etc. Includes SSCP Listserv, Newsletter, SSCP Website, Social Media, and Student & Postdoc Listserv

 Continuing Education Advocating for more science-based perspectives on revisions to CE approval standards.


The SSCP Diversity committee has been established with the dual goals of increasing the diversity of our membership, and considering how SSCP can promote clinical science approaches to diversity issues in clinical psychology.

External Boards and Awards

Identify and nominate SSCP members (or other who adopt a clinical science perspective) for awards and committees

Internal Awards

Coordinate all awards given by SSCP.

International D&I Consider how SSCP can become more involved with dissemination of clinical science internationally (e.g., offering consultation, syllabi, training and virtual supervision in evidence-based approaches in regions where the practitioners typically have little opportunity to gain exposure to these approaches), and to consider opportunities to build more international connections and collaborations.


Recruitment and retention of members; dues collection; identification of resources that would be useful for SSCP Membership

Public Education and Media

The SSCP Public Education and Media Relations Committee will help disseminate information regarding SSCP’s core values to the general public. It is expected that a primary component of this committee’s work will be to help facilitate responses (e.g., letters to the editor, commentaries) to media messages pertaining to mental health in which there is a clear opportunity to educate the public regarding the importance of science in clinical psychology practice. The committee will consist of a Chair, a board liaison, and several volunteers (as determined by the Chair). The committee will be responsible for identifying articles in the media that may warrant SSCP comment. The committee will help identify relevant experts, perhaps from the SSCP membership, who are able to draft a response quickly. Other possible tasks for this committee may also include the development of relationships with members of the media who can serve as advocates for the science of clinical psychology, or the proactive generation of media messages for public education.

Science in Practice

Work toward making it easier for people to practice as clinical scientists, and help clinicians both consume and contribute to clinical science.

Student Services

Includes 1) A Career Mentorship Database to connect psychological scientists working in a variety of jobs and settings (e.g., clinical practice, research, teaching, administration, consulting, etc.) with early career psychologists; and 2) "How did I get here Video Series" in which psychologists and clinical scientists discuss their career paths.